Our team

Florian Sansan
Digital Strategist

Founder of the music blog Mixed Tape in 2009, contributor at Peachr.com and Social Media Manager at Agence Australie, Florian is a workaholic; passionate by gigs, music, digital and advertising. He loves LH too.

Flo is not a f**king developer so he can’t create, design or develop pretty cool and funny websites (according to himself).

He’s (just) a digital strategist. And a good one.

Florie Lhullier
Founder & CEO

Like Tolstoy & Heindel said: "Music is the shorthand of emotion - the soul of language". Passionate by litterature, especially classics, it didn't take her a long time to find her way. A note, a word, a song, a concert, an attitude or an industry to love and to work hard for it.

After few years working for few labels in PR & Social Media and spreading the word about her musical 'coups de cœur' on Mixed Tape, she deciced to create EM to provide her expertise at the service of emerging talents who could make everyone feel that all music is beautiful and an art.

And because it's "the best religion in the world where we do not promise or threaten".

Fréderic Le Rouzo

Founder and editor of the music blog The Morning Music, Fred spends his time crossing the web in research of young talents who could fill in his obsession for new sounds.

Musician in his spare time, he acts in the shade to try to give his help to young bands by notably offering them a visibility in this jungle: Internet; but, like he has been doing in the past, by offering them a stage too.

Merchandising, the organization of festivals or booking, no longer have secrets for him.